Truck wash

Truck wash


Today, almost every truck owner uses the services of truck washing. Due to the size and required washing agents it’s hard to make it on your own but still, it’s essential to keep the truck clean as every vehicle. 

Good appearance, as well as the duration of the paint-and-lacquer coating, directly depends on cleanliness level and lack of dirt on the body.

A variety of acids, road dust, as well as salines, and other chemicals covering the roads in winter, have a detrimental effect on the body and accelerate its rust.

Would you like to see your truck perfectly clean and do not spend much on it?

Come to «Cyklon» Truck Wash and you won’t regret it! We will handle any dirt and grime. Our professional team with up-to-date equipment and great experience combines manual and automatic wash for a minimum time to make the best result you will like for sure. 

Our specialists will advise you what type of truck wash is best suited, taking into account all vehicle characteristics and features. We keep you an option to choose not only the type of wash, but also chemicals and detergents, and believe us we have a great choice of automobile chemistry. We have only high-quality wash equipment with modern brushes having specialized bristles. These professional brushes make it easy to clean not only the exterior surface but also the wheels and bottom.

And the main thing is that you shouldn’t worry about the coating of your vehicle as «Cyklon» has the safest equipment that won’t ever harm your vehicle. So, don’t hesitate and make your truck clean and attractive at our autocenter.


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