Regular dry-cleaning is essential for a car good condition. The interior of the car is the calling card of her owner. No one likes to ride in a car with dirty seats, carpets or door handles. The interior of any car loses its original appearance over time. The car upholstery becomes dirty, dust settles on plastic parts, and appears an unpleasant odor, intensifying over time, and due to contamination, the upholstery loses texture and color.

«Cyklon» dry cleaning for cars in Lviv makes careful cleaning not remaining even the smallest dust in your car interior. Our professional staff will efficiently perform all the necessary package of work on dry cleaning the car interior to restore the original appearance of plastic, fabric, and leather inside it. Complete and deep dry cleaning of the interior includes: headlining, side racks, seat belts, seats, floor, dashboard, carpets, and trunk.

With the help of various cleaning methods and professional tools, our dry-cleaner in Lviv will bring back the feeling of cleanliness and freshness to the interior of your car for a long time. All chemicals that our staff uses during dry cleaning are odorless and safe for both humans and pets.

 Dry cleaning is made with the help of import cleaning agents which remove various types of dirt, and also revive the colors of fabric and add shine to details. Using these chemicals in combination with the modern methods will ensure proper care of your car, as well as extend its service life.

Keeping your car interior clean will not only preserve its esthetics and uniqueness but also increase the cost, in case you decide to sell it. 

After a professional dry cleaning of the car in Lviv, the interior of your car will be as clean as brand new. So come to us and you won’t regret it! 


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