Car wash

Car wash


Car wash became the most popular service among other car services. It’s not only a real pleasure to drive a clean can but it’s also safe. If the dirt stays on your car for a long time most likely it will affect its condition and appearance. Industrial waste, road salt, bituminous road materials, bird limes, insects, sand, and even road dust are dangerous. That’s why if you want your car to stay in a good condition for a long time, it’s better to wash it regularly. 

We recommend doing it once a week, and after a long trip visit our car wash in Lviv as we will make it as clean as new for several minutes.

«Cyklon» car service center offers quality car wash in Lviv with the perfect result regardless of how dirty your car is. Our qualified staff use only the best certified EU automobile chemistry and manual wash to exceed your expectations.

Our car wash in Lviv allows you to choose different types of car wash – with or without automobile chemistry, manual or touchless washing. We have a  huge number of car shampoos with different qualities and effects that will make your car shine.

«Cyklon» car wash is the best option for those who know the value of their time and money. After all, we will wash your car as quickly as possible and offer a flexible discount system. Visit our car wash in Lviv and check the quality and professional services.

A professional and efficient car wash in Lviv will save your energy and time. You will get a perfectly clean car in a few minutes, and believe us such a result is difficult to compare with washing the car on your own.


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